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NO Year D/I Title Principal Author File
1 2018  국외  Optimal Transmission Policy in Decoupled RF Energy Harvesting Networks  Yoan Shin, Jin Young Kim, Dong In Kim   
2 2018  국외  Theoretical Computation of the Capacitance of an Asymmetric Coplanar Waveguide  Kang-Yoon Lee, Youngoo Yang   
3 2017  국외  Transmission power and antenna allocation for energy-efficient RF energy harvesting networks with massive MIMO  , Jin Young Kim, Dong In Kim   
4 2018  국외  Design of a High Efficiency DC-DC Buck Converter with Two-Step Digital PWM and Low Power Self Tracking Zero Current Detector for IoT Applications  Keum Cheol Hwang, Youngoo Yang, Kang-Yoon Lee   
5 2018  국외  A Compact Single-Stage Wide-Band Balun A 41 Wide-Band Transmission-Line Balun Based on a Combination of Two Different Ferrite Cores  Keum Cheol Hwang, Kang-Yoon Lee, Youngoo Yang   
6 2017  국외  High-efficiency rectifier (5.2 GHz) using a Class-F Dickson charge pump  Keum Cheol Hwang, Kang-Yoon Lee, Youngoo Yang   
7 2017  국외  Highly Efficient Fully Integrated GaN-HEMT Doherty Power Amplifier Based on Compact Load Network  Keum Cheol Hwang, Kang-Yoon Lee, Youngoo Yang   
8 2017  국외  Doherty Power Amplifier Based on the Fundamental Current Ratio for Asymmetric cells  Youngoo Yang   
9 2017  국외  Applicability of Compressive Sensing for Wireless Energy Harvesting Nodes  Yoan Shin, Jin Young Kim, Dong In Kim   
10 2017  국외  Wireless Powered Communication Networks: Research Directions and Technological Approaches  Dong In Kim   
11 2018  국외  Packet Structure and Receiver Design for Low Latency Wireless Communications with Ultra-Short Packets  Byonghyo Shim   
12 2018  국외  Optimal Power Control for Transmitting Correlated Sources with Energy Harvesting Constraints  Byonghyo Shim   
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